I'm wondering what kind of setup I need on my Linux machine to be able to connect to it using the default "Connect to Server" (command + k) in OSX. I'm going to ask this on askubuntu as well, but I want to see if anyone here knows the server connection types that the default file connections in OSX are?

I only want to change my server setup, not install anything new on my OSX machine. Thanks!


You need to set up either nfs, samba, or netatalk. You can then connect with nfs://, smb:// (or cifs://) or afp:// respectively.

You can also run avahi for to have your server show up automatically in the Finder via Bonjour.

  • I already installed netatalk and it works exactly like I wanted with afp. thanks! – wajiw Jul 30 '11 at 23:16

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