I want to export some notes as PDFs or any other type of text file to save them locally, but when I go to File -> Export as PDF... it shrinks down the note page width, meaning the lines of code and my notes look completely different than what I have formatted them to look like.

I am not 100% sure, but if I remember correctly, about 6 months ago I, somehow, managed to retain the width of the note window and its dark background while exporting a note.

How can I export my notes with the correct formatting?

MacOS Monterey / version 12.6 / MacBook Pro 2016

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Print > Uncheck Rewrap contents to fit page > PDF > Save to desired location

This seems to retain the original formatting. As far as background goes, I doubt it is an option to natively export a dark mode-themed PDF as printing such a page would be a massive waste of ink. You would have to screenshot your note and print the screenshot to save the dark formatting.

Standard screenshot: Cmd+Shift+3

  • Thanks for the tip. The solution I have found in the end is to copy the Apple Note and paste it into a TextEdit file and save it as .rtf.
    – Eduard
    Jan 7 at 11:23

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