Basically, what is the equivalent to

what_is_associated call_diagram.dot.svg

which would return some "pointer" back to the Vivaldi app on my system.

See below for what does the job graphically:

enter image description here

I did see some related questions:

bash - List of file types and default Ubuntu applications to open with - Ask Ubuntu

  • xdg-utils didn't seem to work after installing with macports, so that's out.

Where does Mac OS X store file association information?

  • That's a really old question, some of the utilities don't have the same path anymore and none of the answers were very informative about getting an exact result.

For what it's worth, I want it because some of my files are associated with VS Code and some with Sublime Text. Under some conditions I also get provided a line number and the syntax to specify it is different:

  • Sublime: subl <filename>:<linenum>
  • VS Code: code <filename>:<linenum> -g

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The system wide application to file extension mappings is handled by the Launch Services process in modern versions of macOS. Based on this post I think you might be able to just parse the associated plist file to find the associations you're looking for.

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