I own an iPhone 8 and I am considering buying an Apple Watch SE (GPS, 44 mm). I have had my iPhone for a long time and I have replaced the battery once. In my opinion, the iPhone 8 works perfectly well. But I have been contemplating about getting a fitness watch for a long time now and I really wanna buy an Apple Watch, but is it a good idea? Will it not drain my phone battery when paired? And will all features on the watch be available?

Question: Should you buy an older Apple Watch if you own an iPhone 8?


iPhone 8 supports iOS 14 which is compatible with watchOS 7, the latest OS available. Therefore all the features of the new watch will be available without compromise compared to a new iPhone.

Your iPhone battery will not have any noticeable impact caused by an Apple Watch. Bluetooth is required for phone/watch communication, which can use some small amount battery on any phone, and may be more of an impact on an older phone with worse battery life due to age.

  • As to the battery, I recently upgraded to iOS 14 on my iPhone and using a Fitbit. I noticed the battery dropped significantly to under 50% sometimes below 25% by the time I went to sleep. After switching to the Apple Watch, my battery has been around 70%. Your mileage will vary, of course.
    – agarza
    Mar 24 at 21:37

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