Is there any way to customise the right click mouse menu that pops up over a highlighted word or phrase?

I normally use Firefox, occasionally Safari or Brave. Normally DuckDuckGo to search, occasionally Google.

But if I highlight something, for example in an iMessage, and right click I'll always get "Search Google for ...." if search is set to Google in Safari. Or "Search DuckDuckGo for .... " if that's how Safari is set.

So at the very least I'd like two options available - for two different search engines as in "Search Google for ...."/"Search DuckDuckGo for .... ".

Valhalla would be the ability to select the browser too.

Is it possible?

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It's not possible in Safari. It uses whichever search engine you define in Safari preferences. And the same applies to Google. Best I can do is use the one option they offer. I don't know about other browsers. There might be a programmatic way to do it but I don't know how to do it.

In Safari, it's way easier to change search engine. Go to address bar (command+L), enter space(spacebar), choose search engine. There's no need to go to Safari preferences to do it.


Set your browser to Duck Duck Go. You can always get google results by adding bang g !g on any search if you don’t find what you want first from the Duck.

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