I changed the icon of my Google Chrome application by going to the application -> get info -> clicking on the small icon in the top left of the window it opens -> pasting the new icon. It works, the icon changes, but after some indeterminate period of time, it reverts to this: enter image description here

What is going on here ?

update: tried putting them in the Resources subdirectory of the chrome app like so, but to no avail enter image description here

  • Google Chrome updates in the background automatically. I would think the auto update and your changing an App's icon probably don't get along well. – Steve Chambers Mar 13 at 1:01

It probably reverts back to the original icon after each update. You can also change the icon by going to Macintosh HD/Applications/Google Chrome/Contents/Resources and replace the file titled app.icns with your own modified icon file. It has to be the same filename and extension. This may stop the icon reverting depending on if future updates rewrite this file.

I hope this helps

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  • That exact file path didn't exist, but I did find Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/Resources/ I replaced the app.icns and then ran killall Dock and killed and reopened chrome to be sure, no luck. I also tried replacing the document.icns that was there too. See the image added to the original question, it shows the flat/minimalist icon I am trying to swap in. – Marc Fletcher Mar 13 at 2:45
  • That's the same file path. You should still copy and paste your new icon in the get info window in addition to pasting your icon file in the resources folder. – AVelj Mar 13 at 4:16

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