I've been searching everywhere for this and I can't find it anywhere. I'm learning how to develop WatchOS apps.

In the tutorial I'm working with they're working on building a Modular Large Complication.

I found that the Siri watch face supports Modular Small complications (the only watch face I could find supporting that).

Unfortunately after extensive searching I can't find a watch face on my Series 5 Apple Watch with Watch OS version 6.1 that supports a modular large complication.

Any ideas?

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Start by referring to the Complications sections in the Apple's official watchOS Human Interface Guidelines:

Modular Large

These templates offer a large canvas for displaying up to three rows of content (for example, in the center of the Modular watch face).

enter image description here

Now if you look through the Watch Faces as available in watchOS 6.1, the following Watch Faces support displaying Modular Large Complications:

  1. Infograph Modular

  2. Modular

  3. Modular Compact

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