Currently I'm using macports. I'm wondering if there are any graphical X11 browsers like Chromium, or Firefox, or the like that compile under X11 (and not native OSX). I want a browser that I can manage with an X11 Desktop Environment (like i3).

My criteria would be modern (executes javascript), graphical, and maintained. I know there are other build systems out there like Fink, and even more projects that aren't available under Fink or Macports so I'm willing to cast a wide net to find something.

Chromium would be great.

I see some threads where people have asked similar questions but most of these are at least 4 years old.

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I'm not sure your reason for wanting a browser under X11, but your needs might be met by running Chromium or Firefox in a Docker container over VNC. Then, you can use any window manager you want.

For example, here's my container that exposes Firefox through OpenBox.

Firefox over VNC on Docker Hub

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    The reason /was/ because I wanted a tiling window manager. Commented Apr 5, 2019 at 17:08

@ken suggested epiphany in this comment

Check out epiphany. But webkit2-gtk still has bugs on Mac FYI.

You can see that on macports

I tried this browser and I was unsuccessful in getting it to install. I do not at this time believe any modern browser is compiled against X11 that runs on OSX.

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