Is it possible to convert some of my Apple Notes that are currently in my iCloud, over to Google Docs?

I use about 7 iMacs a week for work but the network here at work has been odd with letting me login to iCloud. Apple's server has issues connecting.

But all I really need is my Notes to come over to Google Docs so I can view and edit them whenever I wish while on the web. I've tried copy & paste but the format gets lost. Any ideas on how to bring those over along with the text format?

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In Notes on your iOS device:

  • Export (Share) the note via email to yourself. Then you can copy-paste it nicely from the email.



You should try using Google Keep, since Google Keep is also a Notes app, the text should not get unformatted.

  • I tried that 1st but Google Keep doesnt format text at all. Its unsupported. Commented Nov 2, 2017 at 1:16

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