It's already making me crazy - as a newbie with Mac. I have problem with backup/sync of my pictures. I would like to backup pictures from Photo library (Photo app) to external HDD but more like sync.

  • All the new pictures in my Mac should be copied to external HDD.
  • Pictures that are already on external HDD should NOT be copied there twice (not classic backup of whole library).
  • Pictures I erased from Mac should NOT be erased from external HDD (not classic sync).
  • If import of new pictures would be automatic when external HDD is connected it would be great (not manually copying new pictures).

Is that possible with Mac? With Windows I used to do just import new pictures to external HDD library. It never deletes any picture from external HDD even I delete it from my PC library.

  • Have you thought about putting your Photo library on the external HDD? – Jaime Santa Cruz Aug 12 '15 at 20:57
  • I don't have external HDD all the time connected to my Mac. Also if I just copy Photo library to External HDD, than I don't know what to do with new pictures. If I would copy Photo library again (with some pitures deleted and some new pictures) and replaced that old copy than I would loose that erased pictures even on external HDD. If I would keep even that old library, than I would have a lot of pictures on external HDD twice. So, that doesn't solve my problem. – Jan K Aug 13 '15 at 2:01
  • I'm not suggesting that you copy it over an over, I suggest you may have a permanent external library where you put your pictures, just as you describe you did before on Windows. – Jaime Santa Cruz Aug 13 '15 at 2:10

Have you tried a sync/backup tool like ChronoSync (which I highly recommend)? It can be scheduled to sync to when your external drive is mounted. It also does a great job of handling package files (which is what your iPhoto library is). It's from Econ Technologies and can be trialed for 30 days.

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