People cannot hear me when I make a normal phone call. When I use Skype or Facebook call it works but not during a normal call. I have done a phone reset already but didn't work Any ideas?

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2 mics

You have 2 microphones on your iPhone:

  1. One for normal calls, this one is broken in your case
  2. One for environment sounds. This one is used for video conference calls, video's, sound recordings. This one still works.

My suggestion is to go to iFixit and replace your dock connecter. This replacement also fixes your mic.

  • I’m experiencing the same issue on my iPhone 4, but people can’t hear me even if I’m using an external microphone (which I know works, because I’ve tested it in Voice Memos). People also can’t hear the DTMF tones that I input via the phone keypad during a call. Do you think that this answer still applies to me, or is it more likely to be an issue with the GSM transmitter? – wchargin 1 hour ago

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