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My career in Information Technology started in 2002. I have created an Internet agency and conquered my first clients from door to door, offering services related to website development, technical support and web hosting. For twelve years, I have worked remotely on different types of projects for foreign companies, through outsourcing platforms.

In 2011, I launched a service that allowed any user to create their own “Google”. The project was selected as a finalist in global Startup competitions. I had the opportunity to receive mentoring from FGV and support of the startup programs: FBStart from Facebook and AWS Activate for Startups. I was dedicated to the project for four years and it has ended after a few pivots. In the following years, I accepted new challenges at companies in different cities.

My mission is to create digital products based on quality and innovation. I seek to participate in projects that have meaning and deliver value to my clients. With the “feeling of ownership”, I am interested in strategic positions related to IT and Innovation, with a focus on leadership and people management.

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