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Davi Lima
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Hi. I'm a Frontend Engineer with a solid Python background and a decade of crafting prototypes, websites and more recently API-driven web apps.

I have experience acting in both UX and Frontend roles: I've led projects doing from user research, feature planning and interactive mockups to writing, testing and deploying live code on AWS/EC2 - using mostly JavaScript, Sass, PostCSS, a variety of template languages, as well as Docker, good old Shell, Jenkins, CircleCI and lots of automated tests.

My latest studies include asynchronous programming, web sockets, Guillotina, Pyramid, Cornice, Vue.js, Angular, Ionic, CouchDB, Webpack, TypeScript, ES6, Node.js, Karma/Mocha and Chai/Should. Other interests are tuning browser performance and on design operations, e.g. build processes, live style guides and automated visual regression testing.

I'm also keen on IoT and Data Visualizations so have been lately studying MicroPython, NumPy, Pandas, tsfresh, Matplotlib, Bokeh, Dask, D3.js, SnapSVG and Highcharts.

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