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Self taught High-scale backend web developer. I have had a passion for coding since I was young, about 11 years old.
I actually enjoy debugging.
When I am not working on code I'm most likely working on my own code. I am knowledgeable in python, java and go. I can code in LiveScript and Javascript. I am currently learning rust in my spare time. I think rust has amazing potential with its memory efficiency. I love network coding and I dabble in devops orchestration. I have setup fully production ready boxes using Ubuntu, CentOS, OpenSUSE and Fedora. I prefer to work from a mac but remote into my servers or preferably use k8s to control them. I can be full stack engineer if need be but I prefer to not need to deal with UIs as I can never get them exactly the way I want them, though I will fix a UI if it is bad enough to irk me.

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