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Arran Cudbard-Bell
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I'm a FreeRADIUS Core Developer.

I help to maintain and enhance the FreeRADIUS code base, build system, and automated QA systems. Mainly focused on the Core API, LDAP, REST, SQL and Dynamic language modules.

When i'm not RADIUSing, i'm either contributing to other OpenSource projects, riding around the countryside on a very loud motorcycle, cooking lemon meringue pies, or recently flying a Cessna 172 somewhere between Amersham and Denham.

If my answers here leave you confused and hating everything RADIUS, ping the guys at They'll be happy to take on your project big or small. Funds from NetworkRADIUS feed back into FreeRADIUS, in the form of code enhancements, documentation, and test equipment. Your project will help the FreeRADIUS project too!

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