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I'm Steve Hill. I'm a polyglot developer, currently working with PHP, Ruby, Golang and Python across a range of energy-sector projects for my employer, Guru Systems. I'm also using Elixir and Swift for side projects, as well as dabbling with Game Maker Studio, Unity3D and Unreal Engine.

Programming has been part of my life since childhood; I first became interested back in the golden ages of the ZX Spectrum, and just never really stopped coding.

So far, I reckon I've dabbled with at least 30 different languages, and I'm actively using about five of those on current projects. I find the polyglot approach to be useful in giving me a clear understanding of the many different programming paradigms, and I've got a real appreciation for testable code.

I've always wanted to make a game; that's what led me towards programming in the first place. Maybe this year... maybe next year. I'll get there eventually. I no longer harbour any illusions that I'll make millions from games though - I think the days when that was possible are long gone, except for the very lucky few.

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