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A web developer that primarily works with Django, Tastypie and AngularJS.

I only use Linux Based OPerating Systems (a focus I've had since 2006). On servers I like to use ZFS, Postgres, Redis, uWsgi, Nginx, Ansible and (guilty habit) Minecraft Server Manager. On the desktop I'm fairly proficient with wine and winetricks which allows me to play pretty much all the triple A game titles. As far as development goes, I'm mainly a NoPSD kind of guy, so my interfaces are designed with Sublime Text 3, Sass, Compass Zurb Foundation. Sometimes I use RatchetJS. If I need photos or Vector Art I am quite capable with Gimp and Inkscape.

I'm greatly impressed with git-flow, github, gitlab, gitlab_ci, bitbucket and travis-ci.

A lot of my experience with highly available and horizontally scalable web applications comes from working with Amazon EC2, Postgresql, Django, Nginx and uWsgi.

If you feel like asking me a technical question I'd be happy to either give you my advice/opinon or if I'm not able to give you an answer I'll more than likely know someone who can.

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