Gal Bracha

On my journey to personal enlightenment. Developing for Positive Impact. Helping communities and individuals who wants to change the status quo and make a better world.

Stuff I'm coding and co-creating:

A platform to plan co-created events



A platform to organize task in the TEAL way: https://github.com/Metaburn/doocrate/

http://thevisiondojo.com/ - Real time Gpu based fluid dynamic system that translate data from a depth sensor / high speed camera.

Stuff I did:

http://www.headstart.co.il/project.aspx?id=18813&isactive=true&lan=en-US - Our crowdfunding campaign for the Midburn (Israeli Burning man) project - The Vision Dojo interactive art installation

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/grandfather - Grandfather is a big scale wooden electronic sculpture.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blinq - an android mobile app that push relevant information on top of your messaging. Rapportive for instant messaging.

http://www.headbox.me - an android mobile app that creates a new way to communicate, putting the people in front and the platforms in the back.

http://www.glassbeats.me - GlassBeats is a music application developed at the Google Glass Hackathon in Israel, winning first place. GlassBeats essentially turns the Google Glass into a midi controller

http://github.com/rootux/neurobrush - weekend long Hackathon in google where we used brain waves and emotiv helmet to control a living creature

https://github.com/rootux/angular-highcharts-directive - Angular directive for Highcharts integration

https://github.com/rootux/YouTube-Keys-Chrome-Extension - Chrome extension to control youtube playlist from the next/prev keyboard

Forks: https://github.com/rootux/ms-Dropdown - optimized search for the js dropdown component

Snippets: http://codepen.io/rootux/

Things I say:


https://medium.com/thezenlabs/how-to-secure-your-smart-contracts-top-3-vulnerabilities-solutions-75a90525be13 http://rootux.wordpress.com/