Matthew Cornell

From my LinkedIn profile:

I am a versatile software engineer with over 20 years of experience developing complex programs in computer, engineering, and science laboratories, based on platforms ranging from desktop, client/server, and web apps, to clusters. I have written code in many languages, esp. Python, but also Java, SQL, JavaScript, and Scala, and have designed and built a host of systems including compilers, GUIs, tutoring systems, simulators, machine learning algorithms, and authoring tools. I have decades of experience writing solid object-oriented programs, and have coached dozens of developers in Extreme Programming.

Beyond programming I am watchful for broader opportunities to improve technical organizations, such as processes, tools, automation, and infrastructure. I am tool- and language-agnostic, bringing the most effective technology to bear to the problem. Additionally, I'm a creative thinker who has published professionally (Wiley).

In sum, I'm a generalist with broad experience and a full tool belt who can very quickly start or plug into any project and go deep.