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Do I have to learn and use Apple's language if I want to make "App Store" apps for iDevices and Macs?
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No, iOS apps can be written in just about any language, as long as you can get it to work on the iPhone. You might have to wrap your code in Objective-C or Swift at the very end, but you could build ...

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Run MacOS Intel guest VM in a MacOS M1 host
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You're right that UTM can emulate an Intel processor (as it is a front-end for QEMU, which can emulate various architectures), but you can't easily boot a macOS disk in QEMU/UTM due to Apple's ...

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Can Macs get a virus just by opening a website?
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If there was an exploit in Safari then yes, there could be a chance you could get a virus just from clicking onto a website. However, these exploits are generally patched very quickly, aren't that ...

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Need a good way to crash OS X
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You could kill launchd - sudo killall launchd, which manages daemons, applications and scripts. This causes macOS to crash to a black screen because the parent of all running processes has been killed,...

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