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Started on a Commodore Pet at school circa 1980 using Basic and 6502. Got a Sinclair ZX81 and learnt Z80. Upgraded to a Sinclair Spectrum.

At Uni started on a Vax VMS programming in Pop11 (a Pascal syntax like language with support for advanced Lisp/Prolog techniques). Moved onto Sun boxes and added Lisp, Prolog, C and shell scripting, along with general Unix command line tools.

First job was on Xerox lisp machines (Dandelion's).

Moved to Edinburgh to work on AI planning systems. Used Common Lisp for this.

Moved into the e-learning field and built research projects in TCL, Perl and Java. Set up some early gopher/websites in the UK (including a self-contained Intranet in the basement of the City Arts Centre for a Star Trek Exhibition - one server and 4 PCs locked down with just the mouse available to browsers. Content included rude-word filtering of an archive of Star Trek Usenet newsgroups!).

Also did some contract programming work in C, C++ and Pascal.

Currently use Java, Omnimark frequently.

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