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Dima Storozhuk
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  • Ukraine

I am the owner and director of - the Drupal-oriented web development company. I am currently developing my own Drupal team who is very passionate about Drupal.

About my experience:

Since 2011 I am working with CMS/CMF Drupal starting from Drupal 6. I am familiar with the most used Drupal API, modules, themes you need to get the best site you want. I like to develop complicated Drupal modules, architect Drupal-based online solutions.

Some of the case studies I am excited about:

  • CRM solution for traveling company based on Drupal 7
  • Live chat based on node.js and websockets with integration to Drupal 7
  • Drupal 8/Commerce 2 based crowdfunding platform with ability to accept payments on behalf of project owner and extract platform fee
  • Drupal 7/8 based full-text documents searching tool with the ability to extract text from PDF, DOCX and other proprietary formats using Apache Solr, Tika
  • Multi-Language sites
  • Drupal 8 headless content search tool implementation based on Vue.js and elasticsearh

I also love to support the Drupal community. Writing documentation, creating missed solutions, submitting patches, mentoring others - this a small list of tasks I am doing for the Drupal community.

Here is my profile:

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