Chris Morley

Developer, database administrator with 14 years experience, several years in team leadership roles and one year as a software development manager.

Data driven web apps, CRM, enterprise internal operations and search engines is mostly what I've been focused on.

ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server 2012, Javascript w/jQuery, CSS, WCF Services, Drawing and Rendering Algos, Geometry Algos, Bing Maps API, Geography Algos, XSL, XML, File System, automated network apps, Active Directory, Exchange, Linux, Oracle, Azure, elasticsearch, etc. etc.

Software is my work and my main hobby. So I have been around systems and I get around systems.

I really enjoy fixing bugs just because it's fun for me and I've gotten good at it; but I have also come to rather like writing software that is simple enough that it just works and glides along, doing its thing, getting usage, paying karmic dividends. That way you don't get tied up fixing bugs and you can go on and write some more software that does something else. Production code should be robust enough to just chug along doing its thing, right?

Completely incurable computer geek since 1988.

My other interests: Euro Board Games, Trance Music, Listening to all kinds of music, Current Events, Geography, Geometry, Philosophy, Science, Movies, Sailing, and Skiing.

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