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A Buff & Beyond is a locally owned small car detailing business in Campbelltown, Sydney. Obsessed with using the latest innovative methods and technologies in the car detailing industry we are constantly striving for the deepest practical and scientific understanding of products, tools and processes involved in getting the best results for our Clients. We specialise in car detailing, car paint correction and car paint protection including graphene coatings and ceramic coatings for all types of vehicles.

We have designed our car detailing packages to be clear and simple. If you have a new car and you are looking for a durable high quality New Car Paint Protection graphene or ceramic coating for your paintwork, wheels, glass and interior then our Bronze New Car Paint Protection Package is just what you need - an all-in-one package designed to protect your entire vehicle inside and out.

Our 3 Used Car Detailing Packages are designed restore the shine and gloss of your vehicle to it's former days, as each package includes a paint correction process and a graphene or ceramic coating to lock in the shine for years.

Our SILVER Car Detailing Package is the best value for your money. Suitable for vehicles with minor paint defects, a high gloss and glass-like paint finish is achieved by means of paint correction before applying a high-grade paint protection graphene or ceramic coating. For older cars or those with more severe paint defects, the SILVER package will strike an exceptional balance between a stunning finish and value for money.

Our GOLD Car Detailing Package is designed for vehicles with medium level paint defects such as swirls, scratches and reduced depth of colour. The rejuvenated paintwork is then locked in with a high grade professional paint protection graphene or ceramic coating.

Our PLATINUM Car Detailing Packagee is suited to cars with a high level of paint defects, which requires intensive paint correction to restore a flawless finish. Once completed, the paint is then locked in with a high grade professional graphene or ceramic paint protection coating.

Give us a call to discuss you vehicle and what we can do for you.

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