Rafaël De Jongh

My name is Rafaƫl De Jongh and I am a Belgian Web Developer & 3D artist.

My passion in life is to develop and design websites, to always search for a new challenge and keep the focus user centered. I started developing websites from a young age, each time facing a new challenge to achieve something new and exciting.

Experimenting with lots of different code & programming languages made me learn a lot in all these years to what I know today. Besides that I love my hobby which is Game Development where I am specialized in creating 2D Textures for 3D models.

My main goal in life is to become a Full Stack Web Developer and keep Game Development as my hobby. At the present time I am studying in college to get my professional bachelor degree in Cross Media Development, besides that I mostly spend my time on a known game modding community called Gamebanana.

Currently I am searching for a job in the Web Developing sector, but would love a position in the Game Developing sector as well.

More information about myself can be found on: www.rafaeldejongh.com

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