I'm a BI & MIS Developer by craft. I enjoy bringing data to life & extracting useful information from it.

I take an immense pleasure in delivering value to humankind with technology. I'm great at UX design, product dev and growth strategies, etc.

👉 2020 - Backend Developer, built a REST API for Covid-19:


A set of intuitive Backend API endpoints to efficiently and quickly query the coronavirus dataset. Covid-19 Rest API is publicly available to all sorts of users.

SKILLS: NodeJS, REST, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, Python3, Data Science & Analysis, MongoDB, Swagger Documentation

👉 2018 - AI Developer, built Reported San Francisco:


A conversational agent / Chatbot that assists residents of San Francisco: --> Report a non-life threatening incident --> Browse Reported incidents --> Instantly Connect with Local Police --> Geolocate themselves --> More...

SKILLS: DialogFlow, NodeJS, REST, Actions on Google, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Functions

👉 2017 - Full-Stack Developer, built REPORTED:

A web-based crime reporting system that allows citizens and law enforcement to share information about crimes / incidents efficiently and conveniently. Reported not only helps citizens report crime with ease, but also provides a way to visualize crime data that matters to them right now, and to make better decisions based on that information. With its mobile-ready platform, Reported lets Law Enforcement officers manage crime data and users, even on the go. They can leverage its intuitive dashboard to make better decisions and allocate resources more efficiently.

SKILLS: MEAN STACK, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, APIs, Photoshop, Illustrator, JavaScript, D3.js, REST

👉 2017 - Software Developer, built Cryptohuntr:

A web-based cryptocurrency management tool that allows commercial investors and traders track their favorite coins across multiple exchanges. Cryptohuntr is not a trading platform, but simply a tool to organize your crypto investments.

SKILLS: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Canvas.js, REST APIs, Firebase, and more...

👉 2013 - Project Coordinator - Key International ---> Played a critical role in the success of the Real Estate project 1010 Brickell. ---​> Managed a list of over 20,000 emails & Web based communications ---​> Participated in the Sales strategy.