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Johhan Santana
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My name is Johhan Santana. I am an experienced Fullstack Javascript Developer. I can create custom systems or software using javascript technology for both front-end (ReactJS, AngularJS, jQuery, etc) to back-end (NodeJS, ExpressJS, GraphQL, etc). I have experience creating RESTfull APIs as well as building GraphQL APIs. I have experience managing relational databases using PostgresQL and noSQL databases such as MongoDB. I have experience working with linux/ubuntu and hosting services such as Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Vultr, AWS,, Netlify for deploying custom servers and microservices as well as using linux as a working environment. I also have experience using TypeScript which helps maintain your code clean, easier to scale and it’s essential on big teams where more than one developer is working on the same project.

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