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10+ years’ experience in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Field concerning Information Systems, Information Security, and recently working for one of the hot fields; the Data Science. Have built predictive models for the real estate industry in the USA. Participating in building a Chatbot for eCommerce platforms, which can handle conversations in one of the Arabic dialects in addition to English using NLP techniques and Machine Learning models. Have also built well-normalized, reliable, fast, scalable and secure software systems and database applications that successfully implemented in different-scale organizations; courts, ministries, academic institutions, municipalities and private companies as well. Reliable, hardworking, able to meet deadlines, grasp and learn new technologies and programming languages, in addition to getting on well with others. Comfortable being assigned to work on challenging tasks as well as working on multiple projects for different departments/organizations in the same period of time. Adaptable to play different roles: Business Analyst, Database Designer, Software Tester, Code Reviewer, Technical Writer, and Software Developer in the Software Development Life Cycle. Very good programming and machine learning skills for data science. Very good writing skills in English language for academic and business purposes.

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