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I'm a lost millennial who studies computer science, history, and philosophy. In my free time I like to travel, create video games, run, bike, and attempt to salsa dance. Mobile app development is my bread and butter.

My Spanish is terrible but I can order a taco al pastor (which is all the Spanish any American really requires). Also when I was in Mexico I told an Uber drive a joke in Spanish and he actually laughed. So I guess you can say I'm a C2. German is next on my list...

I am looking to start an MS in computer science soon at university and then maybe go into research. Maybe I can contribute to the AI apocalypse (which according to experts, is in a superposition of definitely inevitable and definitely overblown).

If anyone on here is a good software developer who wants to work on visualizing historical data, contact me. I have a three.js project on GitHub (private repo) that I'm looking for help on.

Links (shameless plugs):