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My name is Hu Peng, I am 26 years old, and from Zhejiang Province. After graduating from Wuhan Technology and Bussiness university in 2015, I started to work. My interests are animation, movies, and travel. When I am free at home, I often watch movies and anime, which will also improve my foreign language ability. I traveled to Japan last year, it was a pleasant journey.
three years ago, I was an intern at the NIT business unit in Totyo Group, working on Java development. During this period, I developed good coding habit. at 2015 years, I worked in game development in Zhejiang Shenghe company. Because of my excellent performance, I was promoted to be a main programmer in the last year and led four people to do development work. At present, there are three online projects have performed well. I also obtained the oracle java certificate. The knowledge I have learned at university and the three year's work leads me to be a person with strong responsibility and high working efficiency. I am not only able to finish the task alone but also to cooperate with other people very well.
In the past three years of work, I always use google to search and read English documents to learn new technologies, which is very helpful for my work. In my opinion, people improve in the process of work, they also learn from the job. I am a quick learner. So I am confident that I can do this job very well. I will try my best to take the responsibility and do everything as good as I can. Please trust me and you won't be let down.

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