I'm a Christian, husband, father, programmer, and musician.

I've worked in languages ranging from C (in small amounts) to Emacs Lisp and Scheme (yes, I've used Scheme in a professional context, and no, it wasn't nearly as cool as it sounds).

I mostly do web work these days, though I spent a few years working on a large GUI app in Java Swing (in the 1.5 days), and have also done some GUI stuff of note with wxPython.

As mostly goes with the territory in web work, I know my way around relational DBs reasonably well. I've worked with MySQL, SQLServer, and SQLite, and would like to spend more time with PostGres.

I'm a very happy camper when I get to use JavaScript or Python, though I have plenty of experience with PHP (anything below 5.3 is awfully hard to tolerate). bash is another beloved tool, though I regret how unreadable it tends to be.

Definitely a *nix guy.

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