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I'm a Christ-follower, husband, father, programmer, and musician.

I've worked in languages ranging from C (in small amounts) to Emacs Lisp and Scheme (yes, I've used Scheme in a professional context, and no, it wasn't nearly as cool as it sounds).

I mostly do web work these days, though I spent a few years working on a large GUI app in Java Swing (in the 1.5 days), and have also done some GUI stuff of note with wxPython. I've also done time developing and maintaining hybrid iOS / Android apps using Apache Cordova.

As mostly goes with the territory in web work, I know my way around relational DBs reasonably well. I've worked with MySQL, SQLServer, and SQLite, and would like to spend more time with PostGres.

I'm a very happy camper when I get to use JavaScript or Python, though I have plenty of experience with PHP (grudging experience, but experience nonetheless). bash is another beloved tool, though I regret how unreadable it tends to be.

Definitely a *nix guy.

I contribute to StackOverflow to make life a little easier for other software developers, but any love I had for the company or the platform is gone, annihilated by the company's treatment of Monica Cellio.

I seriously considered shutting down my account and deleting my answers, but decided eventually that wouldn't actually help her or anyone else.

I intend to leave this complaint here until I am persuaded that StackOverflow has actually admitted the wrong they've done and tried to undo the harms they've done Monica.

Since things seem to be sealed away from the public eye by a legal agreement, I doubt this addition to my profile will ever be removed.

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