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Apple Power User, Apple Seed Beta Tester, Macs, iStuff, Watch, etc.

Have owned a Mac of some variety since 1986. First "book" was a PowerBook 100, followed by the PowerBook G3 "Wallstreet", and most flavors since. Next big jump was the TiBook, first seen at my one (and only) visit to MacWorld in San Francisco. My latest is the new (like 2 weeks as of this writing) 2018 15" MBP, i9, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD. Upgraded from the original retina MBP (mid-2012, purchased early 2013).

I'm now a retired s/w engineer, with a background in electronics dating back to fixing 2-way radios and building my own home computer in 1976 (still a very unusual thing to own back then). That was a MITS Altair 680b. I later designed a 32 KB DRAM board for it so I could run a tape loaded BASIC. Learned assembly too, later: C, C++, Pascal, Forth, and all manner of Win IDE/SDKs. I can burn ROMS, and love using all manner of lab equipment (emulators, 'scopes, signal gens, analyzers, counters, GPSDO, etc.). Throw in a little bit of Mac development here and there. I've tried to keep up with the times, always having the latest XCode installed. As soon as Apple opened up beta programs, I was signed up! Later, I was invited to join the Apple Seed program, whereby you usually get access to builds on the same schedule as paid developers. It's an invitation-only program, so that was nice!

In the background, continued using our Mac(s) as a tool for daily life: from getting flight briefings (COMM Pilot, SEL, Glider, Instrument, and competitive aerobatics), to designing our wedding invitations! Later, doing a side graphic design business – using Macs, of course!

I also use my Mac for my passion of electronics, whether circuit design and simulation, or amateur radio software (Amateur Extra class licensee) for logging or digital signal processing for weak signal communications. Sometimes running on macOS, other times Windows using Parallels Desktop VM. Arduino IDE runs on macOS!

More than a "fanboy", I truly enjoy the aesthetics of Apple's hardware and software, though I can be most critical too. On the other hand, I've also praised inventions that just tickle me: AirPods, and the "transparent aluminum" "on-air" light on the built-in iSight camera many years ago, come to mind – though there are other "neat" things I discover in macOS/iOS from time to time that I'll point out.

It sounds corny, but I truly believe my own, my family, friends, and our technological society as a whole, have been enriched by Apple products.

Oh, the avatar: That's Vertigo, our companion medium sulphur crest cockatoo of 24 years. I was volunteered as "momma bird", and helped wean him starting at 7 weeks (the age he joined the family). Yes, he talks! (and we listen... Never ignore a cockatoo! 😊)

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