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How to delete files in /System/Library/Desktop Pictures on Catalina?
6 votes

As of Big Sur this is no longer really feasible. Why not? The root filesystem on macOS has been protected strongly forever, with each of the last few OS revisions increasing protections (with SIP, etc)...

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Open URLs in New Chrome Window
2 votes

The above answers work from the command line, but if you want Chrome to open things in a new window everywhere by default (and not just from the command-line) you have to change the http/https file ...

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Multi threaded CPU intensive task throttles CPU way before temperatures limits
1 votes

This may be a longshot, but perhaps the difference in single-core performance and/or cache performance between the 2012 and 2016 cpu packages are large enough that the cores are data-starved and ...

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How to activate my iPhone with a broken home button
0 votes

[UPDATE for iOS13 - not sure this still works unfortunately, it was fantastic for iOS12 but I think iOS13 may need a different strategy unfortunately] Original answer below: Believe it or not, this ...

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Restored iOS 10 with broken Home button
-1 votes

If you connect the phone to iTunes on a mac you can turn on VoiceOver from the Accessibility Settings there, then double-tap on text and tap again to enter it. Idea from https://apple.stackexchange....

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Set up an iPhone 6 with non-working Home button
-1 votes

Believe it or not, this is easy. You must have access to a mac and the right cable for your phone With the phone at the setup welcome screen, you plug the phone in and iTunes should pop up. Open the ...

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