I got my start in web development by designing and coding websites in 2006 for La Grande Online. Since about 2010, my focus changed from programming static websites and into programming dynamic web pages and web apps, something I've become very skilled at doing. I taught myself using a mixture of books and online resources, such as lynda.com, among others. I took the work experience I obtained from La Grande Online, and expanded it, working with clients remotely. My most regular customer the last few years is also an online school that I build and maintain, cmiVFX.com. The site trains thousands of students how to create visual effects.

You can see my full portfolio of web projects, here.

I like to think and work on the edge of new technology. To me, this is a strength. As a programmer, I must constantly learn new concepts, programming interfaces, frameworks, patterns, and languages. It's important for programmers to use web resources to stay up to date. In my opinion, the greatest university in the world is the web itself, for those willing to devote the years of work necessary to learn what they need to know. The amount of knowledge that a web developer needs to know is constantly increasing. For this reason, I chose to learn how to build the web from the web, cementing and practicing what I've learned through building real-world projects.

Here's a look at where I work.

My Desk

If you're looking for my help or consultation, I encourage you to browse through my work portfolio, or even this master list, to drill down into each of the technologies I'm experienced with and what they could mean for your business.

Also, take a look at my website, mackleystudios.com.

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