Inocent Yemenis are DYING due to Saudi airstrikes. Western countries support this attacks, silence them (as time passes I'm glad to say newspapers talk more about Yemen) and don't give a shit because Saudi Arabia is our ally. DON'T HESITATE TO TALK ABOUT YEMEN.

Bring your BSL-4 equipment, some users here might be toxic.

I am someone who loves physics, biology and maths, and has interests in chemistry, psychology, history, computation and ethymology. I'm currently studying physics and mathematics at university. In the future, I'd like to study biochemistry (or biology, still not decided).

Other facts about myself: I defend animal rights (and the rest of living organisms too), I collect minerals, I enjoy traveling, cooking and sometimes, even I say I don't, I like (geo)politics...


  • I hate imperialism
  • Maybe capitalism too
  • I hate circuses and zoos
  • Big trees allow small trees to take more nutrients till they grow up
  • The only thing that differs us humans from other animals is our opposable thumbs and our highly developed language