I am an entrepreneur throughout my life, always experiencing and looking for new areas to grow and to develop ideas and manifest them. There is a balance between what you can call "live your life" and to "create something in life". This gets often divided by "time for your life" and "work". I rather have the approach to see every moment as your life, and rather engineer yourself that you can see your life in that way, no matter if you are working on something, doing something you are passionate about, be active, be healthy, get enough sleep, find moments to fully reenergize, to be able to be full you at every moment. So there are two main objectives, a. to achieve something in the world of business, b. to achieve goals within yourself. Both help each other extremely, just focusing on the business will not get you what you are looking for, happiness. But in a mix of inner engineering and external engineering, you will reach that state.

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