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Yosemite keeps restarting or going into grey screen
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These symptoms imply an issue with your GPU. There is actually an ongoing class-action lawsuit against Apple regarding the AMD GPUs in the 2011 Macs (primarily MacBook Pros). I have seen the issue ...

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Can I add song to an Apple Music playlist, without adding them to 'My Music'?
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iTunes treats tracks now the same way it treated tracks before the introduction of Apple Music: you can't put a song into a playlist unless it's in your music library. Before Apple Music, this was ...

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Can I still downgrade from iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2 (iPhone 4)?
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A jailbreak now exists for all 6.1.x iOS versions: http://p0sixspwn.com/ There is very little reason to downgrade from one 6.1.x revision to another; doing so would actually cause you to lose out on ...

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