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How to make Bootcamp 4 work in Windows 8.1 on unsupported MacBook Air 1,1
1 votes

I fixed this issue by right-clicking the setup.exe file in Bootcamp and choosing "Properties". I set the compatability setting to "Windows Vista Service Pack 2" and ran it as administrator. I got a ...

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Macbook Pro 2011 Wifi stops working after a few minutes, needs PRAM reset to get working again
0 votes

This actually turned out to be a hardware problem. Luckily I only had to check the ribbon cable connections to the Wi-Fi card and push it on firmly to restore Wi-Fi in all three operating systems. The ...

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How can I make my Mac partition bootable again?
0 votes

I used @klanomath's solution to make the Mac partition bootable again and made a Time Machine backup. I then tried to repair the remaining errors using Disk Utility. As @klanomath warned, this made ...

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WDF VIOLATION Blue Screen after Upgrading Mac to Windows 10 May 2019 Update (1903) Edition
-1 votes

I had exactly the same issue on my 2010 iMac, it is a problem caused by one of the Boot Camp keyboard drivers being incompatible with 1903. I have temporarily fixed it by reverting to 1809 which works ...

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