Saurabh Kumar

Started coding when I was 12, My first programming language was BASIC. I used to love writing code in it.

10 FOR X=1 TO 10

This was the first code that I had ever written. Just kidding I don't remember what was it, could have been this or something entirely different, the point is I got hooked to it. Saved money to buy my first computer an HP PC with Windows XP, 512 MB of RAM and a good Ol Intel pentium 4. Though I upgraded its RAM to 1GB and processor to a Intel Pentium D, its still hard to imagine how it was considered a beast back in its day.

Started learning C++ on it and created my first program- Library Management System. This was the first time I used SQL Database(I now am an Oracle Certified DBE, if it matters) to store the data. My school still might be using it who knows. That's where I learnt the "Basic" of OOPS. I had now upgraded my rig. I was now no longer stuck to my desk as I bought a shiny new laptop. It had 8gigs of RAM and 1TB of storage. It was a tank. I loved it though. By this time I had already taught myself Android and was building android apps left right and centre. There was something missing, I was creating apps but there was no structure in it. I thought it was now time to learn professionally I enrolled myself into Udacity Android NanoDegree. There I learnt how to right beautiful code, use functions and most importantly how to solve problems. I got certified and got a job as a junior android developer in Notesdiyo a now defunct startup that used to curate notes and question papers for students, by students. I worked on firebase for the first time boy was it difficult.

Multiple tries and 6 years later I am now an expert on firebase. I learnt SWIFT so for that I again had to switch laptops. Created a few projects here and there and that's about it. I am currently learning Flutter (Read my installation experience here). I now work as a CTO at Sociocats, a consumer experience startup. Currently we are harnessing the power of AR to create virtual stores which allow you to try stuff at your home or wherever you are-we don't judge.

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