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Steven Levine
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Summary: Thought leader in the Data and Analytics space who is driven by the opportunity to inspire customers to reach their potential by accelerating their digital transformation through the power of Cloud. A Principal Architect (Data, Java, Scala, and Multi-Cloud) capable of architecting, developing, and leading the delivery of highly scalable, data driven, pragmatic, on time, on budget, high quality scalable solutions.

Technical Skills Summary

  • Driving Architecture, Standards, Migrations for Clouds, PAASs, DBs, Dev Stacks, CI/CD pipelines
  • Google Cloud Platform BigQuery, Dataflow (Beam), DataProc (Spark), GCE, GKE, PubSub, GKE
  • AWS APIs such as Kinesis, Firehose, S3, Lambda, EMR, Athena, Redshift, Dynamo, RDS, EC2, ECS, CF
  • Java since JDK 1.0 with frameworks like Spring*, VAVR, Hibernate, JBoss, Tomcat, Vert.x, Maven
  • Scala since 2.9.0 with frameworks like Akka, Futures, Spray [Akka Http], Play, Streams, SBT, Mill
  • Data tech like Kafka, Rabbit, Spark, Beam, Cassandra, Mongo, Hive, Presto, Airflow, Postgres, Elastic
  • Architecting and implementing Reactive and Highly Scalable Event Driven and/or Restful Microservices
  • Architecting and implementing reliable, scalable, efficient Data Pipelines that are deployed to the Cloud
  • Architecting CI/CD pipelines that leverage containerized solutions such as Kubernetes, GKE, ECS, EKS
  • Managing (HR), leading, and being a part of remote and local Agile teams while owning Ceremonies
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