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How do I downgrade node or install a specific previous version using homebrew?
508 votes

These days if you want to install a different version of node you do it this way: First search for your desired package: brew search node This might give you the follow results: heroku/brew/heroku-...

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How to import Chrome passwords into iCloud Keychain
5 votes

Finally found it. It's in Safari menu. Too bad it seems like a one-off action instead of true sharing of this data: Then:

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4K HDMI output from MacMini (late 2018) to LG C8 (OLED55C8PLA)
3 votes

Here's what I had to do to make it work: Upgrade WebOS to latest version Switch to appropriate HDMI input (HDMI2 in my case) Turn ON "ULTRA HD Deep Colour" for HDMI2 (pictured below)

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Can I answer an incoming phone call on my Apple Watch using Siri command?
1 votes

This seems to be now possible with just "Hey Siri" and "Answer the phone". It is also possible with iOS v14.5 and compatible headphones. In Siri settings enable: "Allow Siri ...

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Each new tab is unresponsive in Chrome (stable/canary)
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Fortunately after updating to latest Chrome Canary, the problem goes away. This means it has been a bug in the browser (that manifested istelf on my machine). Regular Google Chrome still experience it,...

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