Studying IT combined with an IT education.

Worked with Java 8, JavaFX 8, some Java EE, node.js, Browser Javascript and React Native. Familiar with gradle, yarn and git.

Contributor to SOBotics with QueenReporter (a userscript to provide feedback to a bot running in the chat room when flagging) and the Spring side of the HeatDetector API (an API that allows classification of comments).

From time to time I am also active on Project Euler:

Project Euler badge

And sometimes I do something on the StackExchange network:

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Chances are you can find me somewhere in chat. I mostly hang out in Java and SOBotics.

I am open to job offers as I might be able to drop from my contract that was binding me to my current employer. Things are not set in stone yet but if you are interested in me, feel free to drop me a mail to the first word of my current username at google's mail service. If you are still interested in me for other reasons than job offers, come around for a talk in Java! You can add "@geisterfurz007" to your message to make sure I get notified (please don't abuse that though ;) ) and we can have a chat!