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Expert in Javascript/Typescript based web development with Frameworks like Angular, React, Node and MongoDB on Cloud Infrastructure.

2 decades of work on varied technologies at companies like Delta Air Lines, ADP, Deloitte, VMWare, Anthem, State Farm Insurance, CarMax etc..

Speaker at Official Angular Conference (Ng-Conf) 2020

Speaker at AI Conference 2017 (Atlanta DataSciCon.Tech 2017)

Udemy instructor on Javascript with 40k+ students

Started career in Full Stack Development on Microsoft Technologies from the earliest version of .Net.

Later grew interest in Javascript based development gaining expertise on Backend with Node, and Front End development using frameworks like Angular, React, ExtJS, Knockout and jQuery etc

Interests in the AI revolution through cutting edge projects on Reinforcement Learning and organizing and giving talks at local Meetups and Conferences.

Interest in complex algorithms or solving difficult problems with code. Creator of IBModeler, featured in prominent gaming magazine "3D World"​: software to create 3d models from photos. Open sourced on GitHub:


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