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My Life

I like to code using pretty much everything. I know how to code in the web languages, client-side and server-side. I can code in the languages such as C/C++, C# and Java, but I personally don't code in them that much. I have 2 computers, one for gaming and one for development. The gaming one may be a laptop, but it can't last even a few minutes off of the battery, so it stays stationary. And I recently bricked it (Thanks Linux)...

My work

I am a bagger at Festival, but freelance websites on the side. I play in the highest level band at Oshkosh West High School.

My Successes

I have completed college level coding classes just because I wanted to do them. I am SoloLearn certified for many languages. I have made a school club dedicated to coding, and have started work on the second iteration of the club website and the beta version of a club JS framework. I also started work on many editions of a new programming language I'm calling Plaster. It supports type inference, auto garbage collection, and easy GUI application development

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