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Gabriel Staples
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Working hard to make the internet more complete.
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Senior Embedded Software Engineer
Aeronautical Engineer
Physics & Controls
Sensors & Actuators
Radio Control (RC) airplanes, & UAVs

Hablo español.
Je parle français.

I am big into RC aircraft and embedded programming. Very fun stuff. I'm an aeronautical engineer, but I also do a lot with electronics, electrical engineering, and computer science/programming (including a lot with C/C++ in Arduino and some lower-level AVR code). Here's my website, with many articles on the aforementioned topics, showing a tiny subset of my work:

My Physics, Sensing, and Controls answers on Stack Exchange that I am most proud of

  1. Stack Overflow: Physics-based controls, and control systems: the many layers of control
  2. Stack Overflow: Numerical derivation and integration in code for physics, mapping, robotics, gaming, dead-reckoning, and controls
  3. Arduino: How to make your own coulomb counter (Amphours [Ahr] meter, or Wattshours [Whr] energy meter) with an Arduino
  4. Electronics: When is a MOSFET more appropriate as a switch than a BJT?
  5. Arduino: Switching a Solenoid Using Arduino's 5V Output?: Low-side switching an inductive load (such as a relay) using a microcontroller (such as Arduino), NPN BJT transistor (with full base resistor calculations), and snubber/flyback diode
  6. Stack Overflow: Quadcopter PID Controller for distance
  7. Stack Overflow: Here is how to get simple C-like millisecond, microsecond, and nanosecond timestamps in C++
  8. Stack Overflow: How to get a simple timestamp in C

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