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I focus on building business value through web tech. I started coding web back in 6-7th grade when most PCs had no internet and documentation was actual printed book. From 7th grade already attended 2nd school of web tech and couple years later was already building my own game servers. Fast forward couple decades to today and you will find same tech obsession. Let's build something, shall we?

Technical stack (updated 2023)

I worked with most of the things what builds up the web. Numerous popular and niche databases, infrastructures, code patterns, languages. That said, here is my current favorite stack, which with my processes brings most value:

  • TypeScript everywhere. Backend, Frontend, Native.
  • Proper TDD: tests first, code next. Especially for backend. CI/CD with high focus on having app always in deliverable state. Feature branching is against this, we can talk about these on call.
  • UI: ReactJS. Any post-auth UI - pure ReactJS SPA. Any public web UI - NextJS for SSR. Any desktop app - Electron + ReactJS. Mobile - React Native. React-query all the way. UI lib doesn't matter much, but i usually pick
  • AI: I built multiple features based on openai APIs. Have hands-on experience with open source AI models as mistral or llama.
  • Backend: favor for traditional RESTfull designs, by need - websockets. For queues - bullmq with Redis. AWS EC2 auto load balancer setup for exposed APIs, for backend workers - EC2 auto scaling groups with spot instances if timing requirement is not critical, balanced setup if it is. For storage - S3.
  • Databases: Primary database usually MongoDb. For situations - SQL, DynamoDB. For backend state or cache - Redis. For best search UX - meilisearch. For time series - Clickhouse.
  • Devops - I have ±8 years of deep hands-on experience working with many AWS services and stacks but can use any other provider if needed. Before it I was using Google cloud for ±2 years, before Google cloud was ±10years ago and "cloud" was not yet around like today and i was managing my servers by hand. Usually rent some VPS and set it up.

Favorite quote

Your design is some degree wrong, probably a lot more then you think, your goal is to make it less wrong over time

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