In my heart I am a Software Engineer mainly interested in Java/Scala, Data Warehouse and machine learning.

At the moment I spend most of my time managing a multicultural team of about ten highly skilled DW & BI professional between Helsinki and Mariehamn.

I started coding in Java in the late 90s with a semantic search engine and a genetic algorithm to play mastermind; now I am leading the DW & BI team @ PAF. I keep writing some Java / Scala or PL/SQL, but I am mostly involved in design, code reviews, planning, team management and recruiting.

My team is in charge of our traditional Oracle data warehouse as well as the new data pipeline based on Kafka, Spark, Scala and Kudu/Impala on top of Cloudera. More in general we are responsible to integrate and provide access to company data from all technical team to all the business stakeholders.

In previous position I have been adding partitioning to a time-serie DB built in Java on top of Cassandra; I have been writing Python for planning and optimising waste collection routes (a complex multi-constrained optimisation problem), writing a REST API to access sensor's data in PHP; even before I was sharing between Java coding and handling "big data" for a search engine company.

I am still looking to apply machine learning to the data I am handling. Sooner or later I will succeed. :)

I also had a lot of other experiences and interests: from being an officer in the army, to running a 2 M € company, being a tennis teacher and entertainer during summer holidays.

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