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A qualified medical doctor, who also happen to be someone who is passionate about technology. Having worked for the past ten years or so a researcher in security/cryptography in various research organisation in academia and industry. Currently doing a stint in consulting in Big Five. Passionate Cloud Security Evangelist regularly contributing to industry thought-leadership through conference presentations, being on expert panels, white papers and on-going research. Currently interested in Big Data.

Avid reader interested in wide and varied topics from Economics and Philosophy to Electronics, Robotics and Bioinformatics. Third party verified classification as "UAV addict". Owner/tinkerer of multiple autopilot platforms, multirotor, fixed wing and rover platforms. Currently in the process of continuous knowledge acquisition in areas related to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles from folks from ardupilot/copter and UDB developer community. Tinkerer of Arduino, Beagle bones, IOIO and Netduino.

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