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Paul Chernoch
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I am currently a Software engineer at Shell Techworks, a research laboratory of Shell Oil. I received my BS in Physics from MIT.

My passion is writing, and I have authored several fantasy books (including "A Most Refined Dragon") and three nonfiction:

"Peace, like Solomon Never Knew", released in 2022, searches for a path to peace using wisdom from the Seven Pillars of Wisdom: Ecclesiastes, Psalms, Job, Proverbs, Song of Songs, Matthew and Revelation.

"Job Rises : Thirteen Keys to a Resilient Life", released in 2019, offers lessons from the Book of Job to help you lead a more resilient life.

I am currently wrapping up my next book, "Plague, Precept, Prophet, Peace", about the Plagues on Egypt and the Ten Commandments.

Check me out on Amazon!

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