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Jason Harrison
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Software Engineer with over 20 years experience creating novel image processing, computer graphics, and computer animation software solutions. Committed to quality and timely delivery of software products by applying user-centered design and effective software development processes. Interested in working with more experienced mentors who will guide me as I improve my software development skills and strengthen my ability to lead teams.

  • Participant in entire life cycle of four consumer electronic products from creation of business plans, management and software engineering of product, through to customer relations management.
  • Team manager of nine engineers while simultaneously contributing to product development, and coordinating with art, design, business and production teams to ship on time and on feature
  • Expressive analytic persona with the ability to communicate across all personality types
  • Architect and implementer of interactive advertising kiosk system including real-time controller, multithreaded, client-server communications, and event handling system from scratch in three months resulting in IRAP and Telefilm funding
  • Creator of consumer products using Windows and Linux operating systems, and commercially compatible open-source software libraries
  • Inventor of novel processing algorithms for dual-modulation displays, requiring knowledge from video processing, color science, display sciences and human visual perception
  • Authority in human factors and the use of experimental statistic analyses, principal components analysis, multi-dimensional scaling, and non-parametric statistics to design to draw conclusions from human participant experiments


  • Development: C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Visual Studio 2003 through 2013, Xcode Linux, Mac OS X, WinXP, Git, Subversion, Jira, MSOffice, MySQL
  • Graduate level courses: computer animation, computer graphics, computational geometry, computational robotics, ordinary differential equations, sparse matrix computations, and compiler design
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